Adult Choir

Patrick Botti - New Director of Music Ministries
It is with great pleasure that I have accepted the position of Director of Music Ministries here at Our Lady Comforter of the Afflicted Parish starting Sept. 1, 2015. I am very excited and very happy about it. Our Lady’s has been my parish of heart for 23 years. I was its music director, and many of you have known me for a very long time. The parish has evolved and grown since my leaving in 2007. It always was a wonderful and very prayerful parish. Fr. DiPerri and the lay leaders and ministers supporting him have made it an even healthier and vibrant community of faith. Its ministries are active and successful and its school is thriving.
Music has always been important at Our Lady’s. It is considered fundamental to the liturgical life of the parish. Indeed, we are blessed to have a healthy music ministry already in place. The “adult choir” is one of the few in the archdiocese to have an extensive repertoire from traditional plainchant to contemporary catholic music and able to sing all liturgies in four part harmony. I absolutely love having our parish youth participating so successfully in our liturgy. I am so impressed by them, the “children’s choir” comprised of elementary school students and the new “Schola,” a teenage choir created by Kevin Galié, comprised of amazing singers and leaders of song.
I believe in a music ministry that is active and participatory and really connected to the parish life. That includes not only in its physical presence but also in the repertoire chosen. It has to strike a careful balance between the fundamental needs for congregational singing and the role of the music as a conduit for prayer and meditation. I wish to meet as many of you as possible. I want to hear your comments and your feedback. In talking and exchanging we can only grow as a faith community. I will be starting on September 1st, but will be around before. If we don’t know each other, please introduce yourself. I am so grateful for the opportunity to once again serve our parish, honoring Our Lady, asking her intercession, that we may be provided with many blessings in our life.
      With my thanks, in peace,
              Patrick Botti 

OLCA Choir Overview
The OLCA Adult Choir has a long an extraordinary tradition as one of the few SATB (Soprano Alto Tenor Bass, singing in four-part harmony) parish choirs in the Archdiocese of Boston. Although many parishes have wonderful choirs, they, since the early 1970's, have had choirs that sing only melodies ("in unison") or in 2-part harmony. The great tradition of an SATB choir at Our Lady's is partly due to its tradition of having highly qualified music directors.
Choir Composition/Simple Basic Requirements
The OLCA choir is composed of about 20 members and new members, who can satisfy a basic requirement of repeating back a simple short melody in the proper pitch, are always welcome and sought after.
Teenagers and College Students Welcome
We are hoping that those high school juniors and seniors that sing in their high school choruses would consider being affiliated with us and sing with us when they are able, and we will be seeking out who in the parish falls into this category. Solo opportunities, if desired, will happily be fostered - we want the parish to hear our young, up-and-coming, in-house talent. We realize most college students are away, but for those that sing, we request that they or their family make themselves known to us so that they might join us for when they come home at Christmas.
The OLCA choir typically rehearses Thursday evenings from 7-8:15 pm, and Sunday mornings at 10:30-10:45 for the 11 am mass. Occasionally we take Thursday evening off, and rehearse Sunday at 10AM on the school stage. The Thursday evening rehearsals start and end on time on Thursday so the commitment is minimal.
OLCA Children's Choir and Youth Schola
For information about our Children's Choir (K-5 grade) and Youth Schola (middle school and high school students) please see our Children's Choir page.