Food Pantry

Many years ago, Richard (Dick) Casey brought to our pastor, Rev. Wallace Blackwood, an idea of a parish food pantry for needy families both in our parish and greater Waltham. Once a month, people brought with them to Mass various non-perishable food items which Dick and the St. Vincent de Paul Society delivered in our Parish.

Nowadays, the third Sunday of every month is designated 'Food Pantry Sunday.' Dick's daughter, Sue Casey, along with various nieces and nephews, collect the food items and place them in 'Grandpa's Closet' in the Church for later distribution. Between 25 and 35 bags of groceries are collected monthly and over 400 bags of groceries were distributed last year alone. Food which is not used in our own Parish is often brought to Sacred Heart Parish in Waltham, where on Thursdays from 4 to 5 p.m. anyone in Waltham can go and get a bag of non-perishable groceries, as well as bread and/or baked goods. Other places which have benefited from our food pantry are: Salvation Army, Bristol Lodge, Community Cooperative Drop-In Center, as well as some group homes whose budgets have been cut for various reasons.

The Casey family is grateful to all who help keep Dick's dream alive! Remember those food items on the third Sunday every month!