Due to the cancellation of our Spring Fundraiser (aka Ham-a-Rama) we are going to have a Summer Calendar MEAT RAFFLE Drawing "MEATS 'N MORE" during the month of August.  This enables us to give you a chance to still win the meat package you could have won at our actual event.  I called it "Meats 'n More" because aside from the chance of winning meat packages, I've thrown in a raffle prize as well as a little extra THANK YOU for supporting us.  If you spent $60 at our fundraiser, please purchase (3) calendars, if you spent $100, purchase (5).  This hopefully will help us raise what we raise at the actual event. 

A winner will be drawn daily beginning August 1, 2020 until August 31, 2020.  Once drawn your name will be put back into the drum so you have the option of winning more than once.  Winners will be called and arrangements will be made to retrieve your prize. The meat packages will be delivered each Friday in August, so all prizes can be picked up on either the Friday or Saturday of that week. 

It is our hope to recover what we would have raised at our annual event.  If I can get everyone this reaches to purchase at leaset one calendar, we could raise what I raise at the actual event and if I can get people to purchase multiple calendars, it would just be amazing.  Please help support us and make this "Meats 'n More Calendar" fundraiser a success. 

Click HERE to read the letter and see the prizes. 

Click HERE to see the calendar.

For more information, please contact Sharon in the parish office at 781-894-3481 x2 or call 617-610-2557.


1000 Club (On-Going)

The 1000 Club is an ongoing fundraiser for our parish.  A 1000 Club Membership makes a great gift. It is a drawing that takes place once a month on a selected Sunday at 12:30pm in our school cafeteria.  Chance to win one or more of 12 cash prizes:  (8) $50, (1) $100, (1) $200, (1) $300 and (1) $1,000.  Two door prizes are given away as well to those who are present that day.  Refreshments are served and it is a great time to socialize.  The drawing takes about 30 minutes.  You do not need to be present to win one of the 12 prizes, but you do for the door prizes as noted above.  To join or to give as a gift, either call the parish office or fill out the form under the forms tab and send into the office to the attention of Sharon.  

Turkey-Rama (Annual) - Saturday before Thanksgiving Day

The Turkey-Rama has become a tradition each year here at Our Lady's for about 20 years now.  Every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, the fundraiser is held.  It is a raffle of enormous proportion.  We give away 60 turkey, 40 baskets of vegetables, 40 gallons of cider, 40 pies and 40 hardy mum plants.  Along with those raffles, we have close to if not more than 100 raffles on our raffle tables; from sporting event tickets, lottery frames, afghans and so much more.  If you have never experienced a Rama at Our Lady's, you have to come to one.  I guarantee you will have a great time.  Admission is free.  All tickets sold throughout the night are $1.00 each.  Food is also served; American chop suey, pizza, hot dogs and nachos.  If you would like more information, call Sharon in the parish office. 

Spring Fundraiser (a.k.a. Ham-a-Rama) - Last Saturday of April

The Hamrama is basically the same as Turkey-Rama, only in place of turkey, we raffle Hams and the ham-a-rama is only in its fifth year where turkey-rama is ongoing more than 20 years. The Ham-a-Rama originally started around Easter time which is why we did hams.  We are now moving it to a Spring event, getting away from Easter because when Easter is early, March is not a good time to plan a big fundraiser because we never know what Mother Nature has in store for us.  We now celebrate our Spring Rama on the last Saturday of April.  Last year, we added various meat packages to the Ham-a-Rama, somewhat like a "meat raffle" and that went over very well.  So we will continue with that.  For more information, contact Sharon in the parish office.

  Calendar Funraiser

The proceeds are used to help defray parish expenses that arise throughout the year, above and beyond our normal expenses.  The Calendar Fundraisers are $20 per calendar and you win a monetary prize daily.  The amounts are written in each daily box on your calendar so you know how much you will be winning.  One name is drawn each day of specified month and the person wins the amount shown on that calendar date.  You can win more than one time because your name is then put back into the drawing after recorded.  Calendars are sold a whole month prior to the drawing month.  Details are sent home to registered parishioners and put in our parish bulletins. 

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