Altar Servers

The Altar Server Ministry supports the church community by providing servers at all liturgical celebrations held at Our Lady’s Parish. The ministry is comprised of both children (grade 4 and above) and adults who have volunteered to share their time and talent on a regular basis. A comprehensive training is provided.

Altar Servers - Youth

Here at Our Lady's, we are blessed to have a loyal group of altar servers, ranging from grade 4 to adult.  The group has been growning over the past ten years.  They add to the beauty of the Mass through their dignified and thoughtful service.  Not only do the servers participate in other parish events such as Adoration and Prayer Services, school Masses and weddings, but also reach out beyond the parish by serving the Catholic TV Mass and participating in the Archdiocesan services at the Cathedral.
Training takes place at least twice a year and also when necessary to train interested children between the formal training sessions.  Our veteran servers mentor the younger ones and are involved as instructors in the training program.
Parents of our servers have been very supportive.  Responding to requests, driving the children to church, attending the training sessions and being available as needs arise.  Over the past years, parents have joined their children as altar servers for Sunday and Holy Week Masses. 
As with all the other ministries at Our Lady's our parish is very supportive of the altar servers and their families.  The parish regularly hosts the altar servers, their parents and siblings to barbecues, several pizza parties and an annual trip to Canobie Lake Park in June. 
If you are interested in being an Altar Server, please email Paul Loscocco at or contact Sharon Micco, our Parish Office Manager, at 781-894-3481 or at

Altar Servers - Adult

Men and women, 18 years or older, who assist at weekend Mass and/or at Funeral Masses to enhance the worship of our faith community.  If you are interested in joining us, please contact Sharon Micco, our Parish Office Manager, at 781-894-3481 or at

New Altar Servers
The success of the Altar Server Ministry depends on the support of the entire community. If you are trying to decide whether this ministry is for you, have other questions, or would like to volunteer, please contact Paul Loscocco ( or the Parish Office ( (781-894-3481 x2).  Every effort will be made to accommodate family needs through scheduling, one-to-one and group training, and pairing servers to address transportation needs.






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